Lunch symposium


Thursday 23 May | 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Sponsored by Novo Nordisk

The Role of Chronic Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease

Chaired by Dr Chrys Pulle
Presented by Professor Lezanne Ooi and Dr Chrys Pulle

  • The basics of neuroinflammation in the context of the Alzheimer brain
  • Changes in the immune response in Alzheimer’s disease – clinical implications
  • Translational approaches:
    • Current status of Alzheimer’s treatment options
    • Future therapeutic avenues

Professor Lezanne Ooi

Lezanne Ooi is a Professor in the School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience at the University of Wollongong, Australia and Group Leader of the Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration Lab.

Her research speciality is cellular neuroscience and the regulation of neuronal function and neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases.

The Ooi lab uses electrophysiology, imaging and a range of cell and molecular biology techniques to investigate disease mechanisms and for drug discovery, using induced pluripotent stem cells, tissue and disease models.

She completed her PhD and post-doctoral training at the Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology, University of Leeds, UK and has >5500 career citations, h-index 37. Since 2012 Ooi has been Chief Investigator on competitive grants worth >$50M. Her lab also engages in commercial research and philanthropic research. Major research interests include drug discovery and mechanisms controlling neuronal function and ion channel regulation in neurological diseases, neuroinflammation and neurodevelopment, stem cell models, neural cell development, neurodegenerative diseases, and neuronal excitability disorders.

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Dr Chrys Pulle

Dr Pulle is currently working in a clinical capacity as a Senior Staff Specialist / Geriatrician at The Prince Charles Hospital. Dr Pullet’s interests include Dementia and Orthogeriatric care.

Dr Pulle is a Geriatrician who has been managing patients in the Hip Fracture Unit at The Prince Charles Hospital since its establishment in 2010.

Dr Pulle is also a Principal Investigator at The Prince Charles Hospital Internal Medicine and Dementia Research Unit. Over the last 15 years the Research Unit has provided evaluation, diagnosis and treatment recommendations, to patients and caregivers participating in Pharmaceutical Sponsored clinical drug trials with the most recent advances in possible new medications for various Dementia types.

Dr Pulle is current Chair of Dementia Trials Australia.

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